ATC 206: From a 5:45 to 2:45 Marathon with MAF, Crossfit or Pilates for Injury Prevention and More

April 1, 2016

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On this show:

Tawnee discusses her double root canal extraction to eliminate underlying toxins
More on her blog here.

Marathon goal time for Boston? After losing 100 lbs and shaving 3hrs off the marathon, trying to figure out goal pace for Boston based on MAF data and 2:54 PR.

Combining triathlon and motocross racing.

Heat-adaptation techniques for a relay race in Mojave.

MAF test of: 6.11, 6.23, 6.24, 6.24, 6.27. How to predict a marathon time off this.

Finding a functional practitioner.

Crossfit woes: IT band issues, always sore, suffering during the runs. Switching to Pilates and working on core, glute med, etc… Go back to heavy lifting or no?

When your MAF and LT are too close, what to do for training and increasing range of fitness.

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  • davidjregan says:

    This is not a comment directed to the personal decision made by the host regarding her dental work. We all do what we think is best for us and hope for the best results. I sincerely hope the best for Tawnee,. This comment is more targeted to the host providing her "research" and strongly recommending others also having their root canals extracted based on her "research". I am not a medical professional, but I did look into this when I read about it on the blog. Without too much effort I was presented with an overwhelming amount of information counter to the "root canals are evil" argument and I was easily convinced that I would never get my dental work extracted based purely on the thought that they are inherently evil. That's my opinion as a non-medical professional and I would not try to convince others that I am right; but I would not hesitate to point to both sides of the argument (if asked) so that others can make a reasoned decision. The information Tawnee made available via the links reminds me of the climate change debate; if you really want to believe a position, you will find evidence to support that belief…in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary! I was a bit disappointed that as a long-time listener of the podcast and reader of the blog, the evidence presented to support root canal extraction was so one-sided when there is so much information that could have been linked to that would have given the reader/listener a more balanced perspective. I am trying hard to not to have all of the other information presented in this podcast to be tainted by what appears to be a lack of complete research made on this topic. I have enjoyed this podcast for years (from the time Kevin hosted it) and hope to still enjoy it in the future. I would feel much better about things if the host dropped her specific recommendation for all to have their root canals extracted and acknowledged that there are many exceptionally qualified professionals who would strongly disagree with her conclusions.

    • stevewgregg says:

      Well done for being brave and sticking your neck out on this one. I have a similar viewpoint as you – if it is the host's decision to have two teeth extracted that's absolutely fine but advocating that other people do it begins to get onto very sketchy ground. I benefit from being close to many dentists (future wife is one, so I spend a lot of time around them) and alarm bell started ringing straight away when this had been mentioned previously. I think anyone who is critical of any treatment carried out by dentists needs to bear in mind that if you have decay that requires filling, or sufficient damage to the tooth to require root treatment, it is your fault. No-one else. You have not maintained high enough standards of dental hygiene, and anything that is done remedially to that tooth affects the structure further. Interestingly davidjregan, I see you haven't received any comment back – I emailed the podcast directly to challenge a view expressed on mental health and didn't receive a reply. It seems that when certain views are challenged the people behind the podcast aren't willing to engage in a debate about it. Make of that what you will!

      • David Regan says:

        I would welcome more robust exchange of ideas in these podcast comment sections, but my experience has been that very little discussion ever ensues. Maybe such discussions should be promoted by Tawnee. I would find it interesting to read how the listeners feel about the subject matter after each episode.

      • Tawnee_Prazak says:

        Hi Steven & David, We are definitely not in the business of ignoring comments–critical or otherwise–we approve all comments on this website to keep the conversation open. However, being a small operation we don’t have time to answer each comment individually. That said, we read each and take them to heart especially on matters like this. I would encourage you to tune into ATC 207, which was recorded last week prior to your comments. In this show, I address our listeners who’ve commented on the dental/root canal topic and say that I/we are open to different points of views and we welcome any expert from either side of the issue to come on the show and chat more. Thus, I will save any further “debate” on this topic for the podcast.

        As for Steve’s comments specifically related to dental hygiene, of course, I agree that it’s first and foremost our responsibility as individuals to care for our teeth, and yes I probably would have done things differently had I known better way back then when these issues happened to me in my teens and early 20s. (I’m sure there are things we would all do differently given the chance to go back in time.) Furthermore, upon getting the root canals, no one informed me of any risks (on separate occasions), and that angers me. I’m sure some people go through life asymptomatic never having an issue with their root canal, but that’s not the case for many people–including me. It was my choice to get these teeth out, I had multiple experts agreeing that given my situation it was wise move, and I do not have one regret in doing so.

        I took the time to research why it was important to get these teeth extracted, and I also made sure to research if there was any reason to believe that the root canals were ok. I’ve read and consulted a ton on this! I made an informed decision looking at multiple POVs. In my research I found much evidence linking dental issues to health problems and chronic disease. I’m always one to promote preventative measures, so if someone can avoid future health issues by cleaning up their mouth then that’s great. This could be better dental hygiene as you mention as well but for some it might be too late and further action might be needed (removing amalgam fillings or root canals)…. it depends! My initial remarks on the ATC 206 podcast were said out of passion because I would not want anyone to have to suffer through the things I have gone through and what others have gone through if it can be prevented!

        • davidjregan says:

          Thank you for your continued discussion. I will re-emphasize that I am in no way critical of the personal choices you made given your specific circumstances. That is not for me to judge or others to judge. But, as an avid listener and reader of your podcast/blog and sometime supporter of your sponsors, I was implored by you to get my root canals removed. That got my attention! When I went to review the sources you provided that helped formed your recommendation, what I found were references to the research of a Dr. Price, and publications from others who advocate the work of this Dr. Price. It led me to find out more about Dr. Price (as I'm sure you did too). What I found was that his research, in some circles anyway, is considered very flawed and would not hold up to today's research standards. That doesn't make the conclusions necessarily wrong, but it does, for me anyway, want me to find more universally accepted evidence that root canals are not healthy for the general population. Again, I'm not directing this to your personal situation, but since you suggested everyone is being harmed by their root canals (I have two of them!), I wanted to be more informed and convinced. These comments are not intended to continue the message board debate on the merits or evils of root canals. My personal interest is to find out, from whomever you can find to speak on this matter on a future podcast, what other peer-reviewed research has been conducted to support having root canals removed, or what scientifically-based arguments exist that refute the claims that Dr. Price's research is flawed and wouldn't stand up to today's research standards? The decision to have a my root canals removed is not an easy one (as I'm sure you know). I for one don't feel comfortable moving in that direction without a sound, scientifically-based body of evidence. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I just can't find it! I look forward to listening to the podcast if it ever comes together. I hope the best for you and your health as you continue on life's journey.

  • isnad4 says:

    Thanks for answering my question. I think that you totally nailed it. First of all since stopping CF, I feel so much better in general and can get my HR higher. It will be interesting to see where my LTHR scores at next time I do the test. Secondly, a home gym is a great idea. It would be great to get advice on that via podcast or I might contact you for a consult!
    All the best,

  • Mike Else says:

    I was inspired about "chad's marathon journey. I'm guessing with big turn around stories you do some fact checking before using their story. I'm curious just to see the facts by the numbers. Does Chad have a blog or social media contact? Keep up the fantastic work on the podcast. I never miss an ATC episode.

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      Hi Mike,

      Yes! Chad does exist and his story is real. We are waiting to hear if there's a blog too… thanks for your support of the show and tuning in!

  • drdanielbley says:

    I'm envious. Seems like every time I come back to your website you have a new interesting thing for me to read. How do you stay so motivated? Do you research all of these posts before posting?

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