ATC 207: EP Ragnar Team Goes Top-10, Running Cadence for Hills, Coaching Fees and Communication, Plus More

April 15, 2016


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  • Meet Tawnee in Boston! In Boston for the marathon? Meet up with Tawnee at an event hosted by Inside Tracker on Sunday, April 17 from 1-3pm ET (Tawnee speaks at 1:30 pm). Details here.
  • Have an opinion on root canals? We want to keep an open discussion, email us at
  • Endurance Planet team crushes Ragnar SoCal: 6th overall out of 698 teams and 3rd in the open division

Answers to your questions:

  • Running cadence when running uphill: what’s the approach to take?
  • Does it make any sense to try to maintain “normal” cadence when running uphill?
  • Controlled fasting for several days during rest weeks–is this a good idea and for whom will it work and who should avoid it?
  • How much MAF volume is enough to gain fitness? 10 hours a week, 15, 20?
  • Coaching woes. Is your coach listening? What to do when you coach isn’t giving you the service you desire. And in hiring a coach be sure to see what that coach is willing to offer you.
  • Coaching fees: The price often reflects the service you receive; we discuss typical coaching fees and what is delivered.
  • Research on bike pedals showing very little difference between flats and clipless pedals–thoughts?
  • MAF, form and HR: While doing long runs at MAF, what does it mean when form changes about 45 minutes in to the run, typically for the better with increased glute activation, followed by heart rate beginning to rise. Is this normal?

One Comment

  • JoeyHinton says:

    For the MAF form question. Do Lawrence van Lingen hip series, it's on Youtube. helps a lot!

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