ATC 208: Etiquette for Peeing on the Bike During a Tri, Managing Panic Attacks, Fat-Burning vs. Performance Goals, and More

April 29, 2016


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On this show with Tawnee and Lucho:

  • Tawnee tells about her Boston Marathon experience.
  • Soreness on the top of the foot, what could this be? Ideas: Metatarsal stress fracture, bone spur, shoes too tight.
  • Young 24-year-old male describes being a highly anaerobic endurance athlete who holds his heart rate at 170-190+ bpm often, and his MAF pace is very slow at the lower HR. What does this mean? What should he do?
  • A highly active anaerobic system is a red flag, not sustainable, a la Maffetone.
  • Take a step back and focus on developing the aerobic base?
  • Managing panic attacks. Lucho and Tawnee share insight.
  • What does it means and what should you do if you happen to freak out on the swim during a triathlon, even if you’re an experience triathlete?
  • Channel your panic energy into productive race energy.
  • How to properly pee on the bike and run! We talk strategies and etiquette
  • A 44-year-old male runner shares his metabolic test results and how he’s become a great fat burner even at high heart rates. How does this fit in with his MAF heart rate/pace, as well as performance goals. We debate!
  • Figuring out aerobic threshold training heart rate when fat-burning exceeds the 180 Formula MAF HR.
  • Are you giving up potential performance to be an extreme fat burner?
  • How to balance getting ideal results with your fat-burning goals?
  • When too low carb starts slowing you down, and when it’s time to add back in some carbs

One Comment

  • Paulo A. Lopes says:

    Love your podcast, keep going!

    Why does Peter from Vespa modified the Maf formula in his ofm protocol. You sure know this, it’s called mmaf (modified Maf method). For what i understand the more fat adapted we are, more fat is burned at a higher bomb so Max fat burning zone in fact is higher then maffetone says. So my question is simple which one is correct?


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