ATC 211: Heart Rate Adjustments for Keto Athletes? Master Swim Body Position and Catch, Best MAF Warmup Protocols, and More

June 10, 2016


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On this show:

  • Will several months of backpacking (on the PCT) translate into quality training and fitness for a 100-mile ultra? The pros and cons to lengthy backpacking for training, and the formula to make it all work.
  • Drills to help body position and a better catch in swimming: side kick drills, sculling, catchup drill and more! Lucho lays it down.
  • Help for inner groin pain that happens during long runs in male ultrarunner. What are the reasons for groin pain to develop including imbalances and more, and solutions to try. We discuss!
  • How can master’s athletes keep strength and high-end but still keep MAF training as a focus for better aerobic development. Lucho gives two options for ideal training plan concepts.
  • Can fat adapted athletes with a higher heart rate increase their MAF and/or zones by 20 beats? Or use the formula 200 minus your age instead of 180 minus age….. Tawnee spells out the wisdom that Dr. Phil Maffetone gives on this subject.
  • “Both elevating HR and increased max HR are abnormal. It’s a sign of stress. This means, of course, something is wrong. It certainly does not mean you can raise your MAF HR 20 beats (as that could make things even worse very quickly)… ” – Maffetone
  • And more on the dangers of “diet” according to Maffetone. Avoid the D word! Find what works best for you instead.
  • In what scenarios is pure MAF training (and no added intensity) is the best option for your Ironman training? We talk over one female athlete’s situation in her build up to IMCdA with a stressful life as well.
  • How much stress can we handle before we break down? How to know when it’s too much and adjust before you break.
  • Phil Maffetone and Phil Laursen’s new paper, Athletes: Fit But Unhealthy
  • Tawnee’s blog on lifestyle & mindset adjustments for better health
  • Do the activities during a 15 minute warm-up for a MAF run matter? And if so, what do we need to be doing? What are the HR goals on warmups?
  • What are the best things to consume before a MAF Test? Hint: UCAN is a great option!

Comments (2)

  • CoolinOlympia says:

    I always learn so much from ATC episodes! I love the question about raising HR and Phil's answer! People will always try to figure things out with their own formulations! I would love to hear more about Dave Scott's current triathlete training ideas vs Mark Allen's. You guys started to discuss this but stopped yourselves. That made me really curious as to what you guys were discussing and Dave Scott's training methods????

  • brockdorf says:

    My last name is Brockdorf and grew up with Step-dad Grizzard, and mom Baird. It was an endless pain for me growing up. I would vote for the TPG legal name and I would keep Tawnee Prazak as your public name. Especially in the world we live in, schools are more hesitant to check a child out to an adult with not the same name. I have clients that have a public name different that a private name, and in many instances it also allows you to better have a private name ie separate facebooks etc. Times though are getting a lot different, I also have many clients that change their names and are spiritually married (in Florida you have to legally file the paperwork with the state from the Pastor to be legally married) but don't get legally married so they don't get hammered in taxes.

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