ATC 220: Tapering with MAF, What Else to Add to Your Training Log, More Recovery for Masters Athletes, and More

October 14, 2016


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On this episode of Ask the Coaches with Lucho and Tawnee:

  • Study: The Influence of a Personal Trainer on Self-Selected Loading during Resistance Exercise.
    • Takeaway: people did “more” when a personal trainer was there and didn’t cut corners so to speak. We can probably assume the same for those with a coach for endurance sport training.
  • Can you do a shorter taper with MAF training?
  • If all training is at MAF and you are injury free, do you still need a traditional (long) taper?
  • Thoughts on recovery for master’s athlete doing hill repeats and intervals – what’s best to do the day after a hard day?
  • Have you ever worked with a person that did not achieve success with MAF training? Are there any special cases that MAF just does not work for someone? And if so, what to do?!
  • What’s important to add to the training log in addition to the workout stats so that you have that history to look back on?
  • Trouble hitting my MAF heart rate at age 25 (MAF 155 bpm). Troubleshooting to figure out what’s going on. Does Lucho think that MAF isn’t the right approach here?
  • Lucho’s Kona predictions (did he get it right?)

Comments (2)

  • Kathy Dreiblatt says:

    That is a great idea to only show time and heart rate when doing MAF training to not be frustrated!!! When you say MAF training is about volume, what should your volume look like? Thank you!

  • Kathy Dreiblatt says:

    I am re-listening to this episode and the woman who is not “succeeding” at MAF, I now get what she is saying! I had a hard time when I tried MAF, with the help of Mark Allen for coaching online, and he said to walk, at first, if that is all I can do for the heart rate! I had to get used to a VERY slow warm up, to keep my heart rate down at first, and I was able to do better at gradually being able to maintain a lower heart rate with run/walk combination until I could just run REALLY slow for MAF. I didn’t continue, but now I know better how to do it for myself as a newby!

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