ATC 222: Night Running Gear, Hormones and HRV, The MAF ‘Run-Walk,’ Posterior Knee Pain and More

November 11, 2016


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On this episode of Ask the Coaches with Tawnee and Lucho:

  • What is MAF? Explanation for new listeners and a refresher for loyal fans. Tawnee and Lucho each give their definition of MAF.
  • Equipment recommendations for nighttime (or early morning) running/workouts to remain visible and safe?
  • Do the MAF “run walk” or stick to steady state?
    • “When you’re running at MAF best to stay steady-state or speed up until you hit your ‘max’ at which point you slow down and walk HR is settled, and repeat?”
    • “Would it be better to train at a slow and steady pace at MAF, or closer to average marathon race pace (slightly faster) with the inevitable breaks of slowing down to keep HR below MAF?”
    • “Do you have to run continuously at MAF HR to get the benefits or is run then walk to remain at/below MAF giving the same effect?”
    • When is the MAF run-walk combo acceptable?
    • Don’t try to bargain to run harder than you should be if using MAF – if you need to stick to slower steady state to develop the base, so be it!
  • For master’s runners: why you may want to consider scheduling workouts that take you over MAF in training to work the high-end fitness.
  • Is there a correlation between menstrual cycle hormonal fluctuations and HRV?
  • Is there a correlation between perimenopause and HRV?
  • Research-based evidence to clear up hormones and HRV question; a couple links to what is quoted by Tawnee:
  • MAF is plateauing, what next? In 28 months, MAF dropped from 12min/miles to 8:25min/miles. Time to incorporate intensity, where to start?
  • Gradually adding intensity, a la Lucho
  • How segueing into more intensity can boost your MAF pace (but only do this is you’ve spent time building your MAF base!).
  • Posterior knee pain? Getting “mysterious” pain in the back of the knee during running that no one can diagnose–help?
  • Which type of professional to seek out for help on fixing biomechanical & injury issues
  • Common posterior knee issues: popliteal tendinitis, popliteal muscle inflammation, Baker’s Cyst, weak hamstrings and/or glutes, etc.
  • 31 y/o female struggling with chronically high HR of 175 no matter what pace she’s running (from 6:30 to 10:30, HR is high!). What’s up with that?


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