ATC 224: How Gels Could Sabotage Your Race, ‘Sweet Spot’ Training for Cycling, Social Pressures to Race, and More

December 9, 2016


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On this episode of Ask the Coaches with Lucho and Tawnee:

  • Fat-adapted low-carb female runner experiences gut issues in half-marathon after taking sugary gels; she thought the high-intensity would require more sugar for fuel but the plan backfired, resulting in bloating and cramps.
  • The more fat-adapted you are, the more you burn fat even at higher intensities.
  • Gut-bomb effects of gels – more on the science of why they may wreak havoc.
  • Fructose, maltodextrin, and also the bigger risks of gels if you have gut issues like SIBO or dysbiosis.
  • Good alternative fuel strategies to gels for running races.
  • Why UCAN digests differently than gels and traditional fuels.
  • Will vasectomy patients experience low testosterone?
  • How to mitigate chances of low T if you’re an endurance male athlete.
  • Thoughts on sweet spot base training for cycling, i.e. lots of rides with increasingly longer intervals at 75%-95% of your FTP. Comparing this approach to MAF.
  • Sweet spot is a more traditional threshold training program that can yield great results but comes with higher risk and increases chances of overtraining.
  • Can sweet spot training be applied to running?
  • What’s the deal with MAF for swimming; should we apply MAF to the swim?
  • The importance of technique above all in swimming!
  • Helping a 51-year-old male athlete find his “next thing” in sport, where he can also inspire and promote a positive message on health, fitness and nutrition to his daughter (who’s had an eating disorder) and wife…
  • How to still be an all-around athlete but not get obsessed with training.
  • Don’t feel like you have to race if you don’t want to!

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