ATC 228: How To Build A Home ‘Gym,’ Lucho’s Volume Philosophy, Late-Night Race Starts, and More

February 3, 2017


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On this episode of Ask the Coaches:

  • Follow-up on cold workouts and HR issues covered in ATC 227. Some athletes find their RPE lower and heart rate takes longer to increase in cold weather. We talk further on the individual nature of how weather affects our training.
  • On MAF volume and how much you need, probably the #1 question we get…
  • Building a home gym, what would be included, what would be omitted and also hear the difference between Tawnee and Lucho’s home-gym vision.
    • How do you recommend building it over time? It seems like it’d very easy to go over board.
    • Of these which are necessary: Kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and plates, trap bar, pull-up bar, medballs, swiss ball, TRX, sled…? If you were starting out fresh, what would you buy first?
    • Kettlebells vs. dumbbells.
    • Tawnee mentions she has a detailed post on home gyms over at LPC (with pricing breakdown), check that out here.
  • Pro triathlete sings the praises of MAF training.
  • Why, at the start of his runs, would one experiences a sharp spike in HR, even a very easy jog. His MAF HR is 140 but he will spike into the 150s easily in those initial 20 minutes.
  • Late-night or midnight race start questions:
    • Advice regarding sleep for a night-time ultrarunning race, in this case a 100k that starts at 7pm.
    • An OCR event that begins at midnight with 8 hours to complete as many laps of the course as possible. Recommendations for what to do and eat during the day before the race start? Also how to tackle sleep; sleep in as late as possible or wakeup at normal time? What meals are most important?
  • MAF training for Leadville success. An EP listener chimes in on his experience going 8:39, ranking 59 out of 550 for age category 40-49, with a body that performed flawlessly thanks to dedicated MAF conditioning. Meanwhile he says that all his buddies are sugar burners and they did well but with higher heart rates; although, they are 10 years younger and don’t get the whole metabolic/fat adoption/MAF concept.
    • How to go sub 8 this year?

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