ATC 233: Ragnar Recap And Getting Ready for 2018, When It’s Time to Throw the HRM Out, Is It OK To Use a ‘MAF Range,’ and More

April 14, 2017

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On this episode of ATC:

  • Ragnar recap! It was another epic year for the Endurance Planet ragnar team. Photos and videos on our Instagram account.
  • If you want to join EP for a future Ragnar, email us at to get your name on the list. It will fill up fast. We’re looking at doing both Ragnar SoCal and Ragnar Cape Cod in 2018! Please indicate which race you want in on and if you want regular or ultra team.
  • Check out our FB Live we did here.
  • Figuring out aerobic HR zones: PR in the marathon is a 2:52. MAF is 148 and a 7:00 pace. Training Peak says aerobic zone is up to 156 HR (sub 7 pace). Stay at 148 or push the 156?
  • MAF is based on fat-burning and metabolism, whereas most other HR zone methods are based on cardiovascular metrics: listen to use discuss this un detail on ATC 226.
  • MAF as a range and not one set HR.
  • When MAF feels hard.
  • Coming back to running after two stress fractures on tibia. Training again for marathons. Current MAF pace is in the 8:30’s (faster than before) but having to force that pace; it feels a lot better to run at a lower HR in the 120-130 range with pace in the 9:00’s. What to do: Force MAF or run at what feels more natural?
  • The art of coaching.
  • If an athlete having mental issues with running sometimes it’s best to throw out the HRM.
  • Ironman athlete having trouble with MAF: 148 too hard to run at but 140 is a lot of walking. How to figure out what the right HR to train at is? or maybe…. just go out an run and find the fun again?
  • Probably not always best to use race data to set HR zones especially for triathletes.
  • Getting into the world of competitive cycling: which category to register in, join a cycling team or club and what style of race is good to start out with?

One Comment

  • Tony says:

    Yep you start at Cat 5 with Cat 1 being, or was when I raced as a 2, for national team members. You have to place/win to move up and also be a safe rider. Not too hard to get to Cat 4 and 3 is not too bad but to get to a 2 is harder as is the racing.

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