ATC 241: Believe It – You ARE an Athlete, Keys To Nailing a Marathon, Harms of Chornic Hypocaloric Diets, and Much More

August 18, 2017


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Tawnee and Lucho are on for Ask the Coaches episode 241.


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Convo & Questions:

  • Book mention (get your hands on a copy): The Brave Athlete by Simon Marshall, PhD, and Lesley Patterson
  • Lucho’s track training as of late: key components to sprint training and limiting factors in max speed.
    • Read more on training and get an ongoing education over at Lucho’s blog here:
  • Plans to hike the High Sierra Trail (HST) with the family, including kids, in 2018. Is this 70+ mile thru-hike doable for a 15-, 14-, and 11-year-old?? We talk the in’s and out’s of backpacking, and making a decision on whether it’s right, safe and smart to do with your kids.
  • For the marathon, what’s the key to maximizing performance with the endurance component being so vital? After two attempts, not getting a lot of success at the distance and desiring to nail a race.
  • Lucho’s 20 x 20 mile goal in your marathon-training plan.
  • What gives when HR won’t get even too MAF while doing intervals on the bike trainer? A 50-year-old runner and bike newbie can’t seem to get HR over 120 on the bike; is there a still a benefit? Continue trying? What to do to boost HR?
  • Neuromuscular training for the bike is key to getting HR able to go where you want it.
    • Short efforts of 10 seconds or less, high cadence, single leg drill, etc.
  • Based off a VO2max test, can you determine a “new” MAF HR range? Not quite.
  • The difference between MAF training and zone-based HR training (i.e. metabolic vs. cardiovascular means of determining your target heart rates).
  • Learning to BELIEVE in yourself and that you ARE an athlete, even when you don’t really feel like it. It’s all about the narrative you give yourself – think positive!
  • The risks of hypocaloric diets and how they can destroy you resting metabolic rate (RMR).
  • Why eating more may actually be good for your waistline and body comp, in particular if you’re chronically underfueling and stressed.

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