ATC 247: Top Strength Exercises To Do This Offseason, Balancing ‘Body Maintenance’ With Training, How To Be a Low-Risk Triathlete, and More

November 10, 2017


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On this episode of Ask The Coaches:

We’ve recently had many general questions on what to do in offseason; here are links to shows where we’re talked about offseason structure, please start there. If you have a more specific offseason question that we didn’t address yet, then send it to us!

In the meantime, today, Tawnee and Lucho share their top offseason strength training goals and exercises that we’re assigning to you for this year’s offseason… your homework:


  • Strength
    • Squats – overhead, air, single leg, banded, bulgarian
    • Deadlifts – single leg, regular, SL with row
    • Upper body row variations pull-ups
    • TGUs – learn a skilled movement
    • military press – half kneeling press
    • KB swings – regular and single arm
    • Split squats – weighted or TRX
  • Functional
    • yoga
    • stability exercises – single leg
    • crawls – bear, superman, crab
    • full locust
    • standing bow pose
    • birddog


  • Nordic curl
  • Split squats
  • Lateral movements
  • Hill bounding


  • How to structure a training program that includes all the non-sport crosstraining and non-sport body work for injury prevention and more? Such as yoga, strength training, mobility sessions, relaxation, etc. it just seems like there’s too much today and a full-time job!
  • Pressing the reset button and starting MAF at 52 years young. But at that age, MAF heart rate leads to painfully slow training (mostly walking) and it’s taking the fun out of training, so what to do? Health is a priority and goal is to train for half-marathon in 12 weeks and triathlon nationals next season.
  • Our thoughts on the newest study citing the number of deaths in triathlon; read the article we reference here.
  • If there is “risk of death” in partaking in triathlon, should we be concerned and potentially avoid it? Why we think – no way!
  • How to make sure you’re low-risk and healthy for triathlon.

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  • Abi says:

    Personally, I would love it if I bumped into one of you when I was out on a run, and you stopped me and gave me some advice about my running form 🙂

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