ATC 323: Get Those Glutes Firing, The Single Most Important ‘Rule’ To Success with High Volume MAF Training, Low Libido Problems, and More

January 15, 2021


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Peter asks:

“Get those glutes firing?”

Hello Endurance Planet Fam!

What are Lucho’s favorite workouts to activate and strengthen the glutes. I got a weak ass!!

What the coaches say:

  • There is a big difference between activation and strength
  • Activating glutes would include anything dynamic (i.e., deep squat jump, walking lunges)
    • Dynamic vs. Nondynamic
      • Dynamic implies explosion
      • A nondynamic example would be a squat without the jump
  • It’s hard to strengthen the glutes without activating other muscles (e.g., hamstrings, quads, hip flexors)
  • Bands are useful for activation
  • Specific examples that Lucho uses to target his glutes:
    • Powerband around his knees with a wide-stance squat
    • Donkey kicks
    • High elevated glute bridges with a powerband
    • 20 lbs ankle weighted donkey kicks
    • Walking lunges, Bulgarian split squats, and RDLs
    • More examples from the coaches: banded monster walks and side step-ups (watch the patella tendon)
  • True glute power would include heavy-loaded glute brides with an Olympic bar
  • Low back pain or tight hips are signs of glute weakness
    • Work on range of motion through the hips
    • Start with gentle moves (e.g., bridges)

Aamir N. asks:

“All the time to train — how to approach MAF?”

Hey, I am a big fan of your podcast and have been following MAF for a while now. I have a question regarding training. I currently have all the time in the world to train. My time permits me to just train and sleep all day without any problem. If i am following MAF, I need some help to design an optimum plan for Ironman distance triathlon for a time rich athlete. As i mentioned that time is not a problem for me, I would like to train high volume (20 hours + ). I would be grateful if you help me out with a high volume Ironman plan usin MAF. Thanks a lot!!!!

What the coaches say:

  • What sport is your weakness? Make that your priority.
  • Start at a very manageable load.
  • If you have unlimited time, don’t try to fill it with training. What did the past 3 years look like in regards to training? Start with where you are.
  • Because you have time, you can gradually and intelligently add volume
  • You want one month of ~40 good workouts. Don’t get the most out of every workout.
  • Pay attention to data, how you feel, and listening to your body.
  • For runs, increase frequency, not necessarily duration.
  • An appropriate long bike ride would be anything over your race distance.
  • Use the winter as a time to focus on a different area.
  • The coaches encourage you to listen to more resources from Dr. Phil Maffetone, and really learn how to listen to your body.
  • Put limits to your training.
  • Build confidence by starting out with a manageable load.
  • Consistency over a long period of time is key.

Craig asks:

“Libido drops when injured – why?”

Since we can talk about poop, periods and other personal issue here I was wondering how injury affects libido. Whenever I get injured my libido drops big time.  But shouldn’t it be the opposite?  If I’m not training as much shouldn’t I have more energy?  Or does not working out/training lower your hormone levels which include sex drivy hormones? Or is it that you are so miserable that that mood is what is affecting your hormones? And Lucho, hopefully next year your wife will let you put up Christmas lights as early as this sunny socal man! Thanks & Happy New Year

What the coaches say:

  • If you’re in a continuous sympathetic state (i.e., high stress) it can be more difficult to become aroused.
  • Talk to your doctor and check your hormones; test hormones (e.g., testosterone, DHT) when you’re completely rested.
  • Lifting weights is a testosterone booster.
  • Athletes are usually more in tune with their bodies.
  • DUTCH Test
  • Inside Tracker

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