ATC 328: The One Where Lucho Returns To Ironman Racing

June 4, 2021


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On this special edition of Ask the Coaches we hear all about Lucho’s decision to sign up for Ironman St. George in 2022, his first full Ironman-distance race in over a decade! Tawnee in Lucho go into great detail about how Lucho plans to train with being mindful of a healthier approach than he says he did in the past—and what that means specifically—as well as details about his overall idea on how he’ll periodize his training for 140.6 miles of swim bike run, his race goals (Kona!), thoughts on recovery, nutrition, and much more. Lucho has made it no secret: He wants to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships at 50 years old—making a grand return to Kona—and this episode outlines the plan to do his best to make that happen!

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