ATC 348: Our Top 5 For 2023 – Incorporate These Things For Better Results

January 13, 2023


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Intro banter:


Article: When is it too cold to run outside?

Winter wear for kids with PFAS/PFC-free materials


Our Top 5 in 2023:

  1. Unlearn technology—with the goal being to reconnect with your body, this includes listening to music!
  2. Barefoot strength—for ground up results, but don’t just abandon your shoes.
  3. More functional strength (transferable) work and true speed work.
  4. Adopt a de-stress practice/activity—as simple as a couple minutes of deep breathing (to better balance out sympathetic with parasympathetic); but also be mindful of how you’re breathing and responding to things around you and thoughts that come up.
  5. Try something new, pursue fit for life attitude! Don’t get stuck in the same routine with mediocre results.

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