ATC 349: Humbled by MAF Training, Big Toe Rehab for Runners, Deep Dive on Introversion and Extroversion, and More

February 10, 2023


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On this episode with Tawnee and Lucho:

Steven asks:

Competitive Master’s Runner – But Slow MAF, What Gives?

Started maf training 1 week ago. Was running avg. 7:50 pace which is moderate. I’m 59 and my pace with maf is 11:30. I literally can’t run slower. Problem I and my garmin hate this training. Performance condition is in the toilet every run. My V02 has dropped and training load went from maintaining to recovery to unproductive to retraining. My training load the last 2 days after 5 mile runs was lower than before the run. Garmin says fitness is dropping. I’m a very competitive runner high rankings and state records. Is this normal. I was expecting maybe 9:30 pace.

Marco asks:

Broken Big Toe Comeback

Hi guys,
Any tips about dealing with a broken big toe?I broke mine while moving some furniture (nothing to do with running). I’m off from running of course, even walking actually. I’m wondering what I could do when I return to running in 4-6 weeks of time.
Apart from going easy and increasing the volume progressively of course.A shoe with a rigid sole maybe?
Some exercises to regain strength in the foot?
Other tips?I’m an experienced sub-3 marathoner running 5-6 times a week. Also I’m afraid I cannot run like before. I’m qualified for Boston 2023, so I still have some time to prepare when I’m healed (around 11 weeks, a bit short but I have to do with it).

Par asks:

Snotty Snow Sports & The Energy Toll of Introversion

Just been cross country skiing here in Sweden and can’t help wondering why I’m covered in snot. As soon as I start skiing there is a constant outpouring of mucus. Why? Is it the same for you guys while training in the snow/cold?

Also, if you’d like to discuss: I’m quite introverted and have very little need for outward social interactions. I’m always very content being the listening one at a gathering or a party and when I make an effort of being more extroverted it always drains me . If a day at work has been full of meetings for example, my poor wife has to deal with me being quiet and introspective.
Now, listening to you fulfills my need of social interactions since my need is mostly listening to other interactions and it always recharges my social batteries. So I’d like to thank you for being there and making me a better person so that my social energy can be directed towards my wife.
I know that for most people this will sound crazy and otherworldly but it is the world some of us live in.
Do you guys have some introvert sides or know people that do? Would love to get your “take” on this topic. Thanks for being my distant friends!

Comments (2)

  • Peter Andersson says:

    Please fix the baseline volume level of the mp3s. I added some ten pods to my mp3-player over the weekend – yours I couldn’t hear outdoors even when volume set to max – with traffic nearby I couldn’t even hear there was any sound coming at all. My guess is there’s something in your audio software that has gone down or never been set proper after one of those unvoluntary updates every program has these days.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Peter,

      I think it was a switch from our call software. Appreciate the feedback and though we don’t notice a huge difference from episodes in years past it’s an easy fix for future episodes.

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