ATC 352: Ragnar Recap–Back For The Fifth Time! Plus: Thoughts on Doping and Integrity, Safe Supplementing, Strength Training for Athletes Over 70, and More!

May 5, 2023


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On this episode, Tawnee and Lucho catch up after being together in April for the 2023 Ragnar SoCal Relay. They talk about the race, the (two) teams and more reflections. Following our Ragnar chat, we share thoughts on athletes—whether pro or amateur—who dope, integrity, the aftermath of cheating and more. Plus, for athletes who do choose to supplement with approved, legal and safe supplements, how and why we should be still cautious and discerning over brands we choose, sources and more. Lastly, we answer a question on a masters athlete (70+ years old) who’s looking to incorporate strength training for sprint training–what does a strength training program look like for older athletes? Enjoy!

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