ATC 365: The Last One – Signing Off With Our All-Time Top Takeaways and Tips For Athletes

May 3, 2024


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As we announced recently, we are pausing the Endurance Planet podcast and this is the final episode of Ask the Coaches after more than 13+ years of Tawnee and Lucho at the mic together (this episode’s photo is them together for Ragnar in 2015). Join us for a moving, and inspiring conversation with some thoughts and tips we’ve put together that combines over a decade of research, podcasting, talking and working with athletes; these are the things that have a lot of power to help you and that you’ll want to consider incorporating into your training and life, including:

  1. Use the MAF Method as a baseline in any plan
    1. Clearing up a critical mistake/incorrect statement we made on ATC 294, our MAF Method Guide episode (one of the most popular downloads of all time). The correct statement is that MAF HR using metabolic cart testing is determined with FATMAX not the crossover point.
    2. Why and how MAF works as part of any training plan.
    3. But also, maybe MAF is really about the intuitive nature and not so much lab testing and data collection.
  2. Always strength train
    1. It can’t really hurt but it certainly can help; just don’t go crazy with it if lacking experience because then you might get hurt lol, seek professional guidance at first or as needed 
  3. Your health has a direct correlation with performance
    1. You can do your thing with sub-par health and/or chronic health issues, but eventually it catches up and hinders performance and zest for life in some way so it behooves all of us to take charge of our wellbeing!
    2. And if you are really suffering, heal first then go get back to training and go for it—it’s very hard to do both at the same time, it’s ok to take a step back!
  4. Intuitive training has a role in any training plan
    1. Do any training plan you desire, but always allow yourself those intuitive workouts or sessions where you can learn your body, listen to your body and honor your body’s needs without the data feedback.
  5. “You can make incorrect training correct (if you use it correctly)”–Lucho
    1. Make it work for you and keeping you fulfilled. You don’t always have to fit in a box with training; e.g. if you want to make speed work apply to ultra running, it can be done. 
  6. Have fun!
    1. If you’re not having fun why are you doing it?
    2. Ok, so maybe it’s not all fun, and some sessions have to be done, and boxes need to be checked, but overall ask yourself if there is that spark, that joy, that enjoyment? And if it’s not there, reevaluate what you might need.
  7. It depends….

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