ATC: Assessing Deadlift Readiness, How Kettlebells Can Improve Aerobic Capacity, Ultra Biking, MAF vs. Polarized Training for Health Management, and More

July 17, 2015

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Lucho and Tawnee are back for their biweekly discussion of all things endurance, including:

Two newer studies in the NSCA’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning.

1) How to know if you are ready to deadlift.

2) Effects of KB training on aerobic capacity/VO2max.

Answers to your questions:

-Training for RAAM. What does it take to be ready for an event like the Race Across America, where to start and how to build a training program?

-Who is the IronCowboy?

-Training for endurance mountain biking – how to prepare for the “dynamic” load in MTB, accelerating out of turns, performing technical climbs, as well as muscular endurance?

-Training and racing at altitude while using the MAF Method; carbs at altitude?

-Younger athletes using MAF and the higher HR being hard to hold, what to do?

-Struggling with MAF HR on trail runs – HR just wants to go high! What to do???

-Getting healthy and getting back to training – how athletes can avoid setbacks to train and race healthy!

-Polarized training and the MAF method; is 80-20 a good rule for lower vs. higher intensity?

Joe Friel on Polarized training.

-and more!

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  • Jimmy says:

    Before start any kind of work every body must have to train.without training no one can be a perfect in is way.if u wan to cycling u must have to train first how to cycling.

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