ATC: Balance Overreaching and Recovery, Sleep Hacking for Parent-Athletes, Progressing MAF to Avoid Plateau, and More

July 3, 2015
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Lucho and Tawnee team up as always, to shoot the endurance breeze, answer your questions and discuss:

  • Lucho’s “MAF assessment run” with all the deets.
  • Tawnee’s recent backpacking adventure and zen experience with fishing
  • Help for a serial masters marathoner who developed a high hamstring strain and looking to MAF for good motivation and something fresh. “Can I do a MAF program only running 3 days a week (25 miles average)?”
  • When to progress with MAF to avoid plateau.
  • When MAF HR on the bike is hard to do, what to do?
  • Dr. Maffetone’s NEW book is now.
  • Help, in need of better sleep! Triathlete mom with a 6-month-old looking to get better quality sleep (but with limited sleep hours) in order to recover better and get that extra edge back for training.
  • Sleep tips mentioned in the show:
    GABA, the neuro-inhibitory transmitter for the brain to shut itself down.
    –5-htp is a precursor to serotonin and melatonin.
    –Melatonin – but I avoid this bc then body may not know how to produce enough on its own.
  • Snacks:
    –high fat w/ collagen snack,
    Natural Calm Magnesium powder,
    –possibly more carb (don’t force feed but this could be soothing and helpful to also rebuild while sleeping)
  • Also:
    Blue blocker glasses
    –NO sleeping pills
    –Essential oils or calming teas like chamomile
  • Help for a busy fitness instructor who’s also training a lot of volume for Ironman, and wanting to improve.
  • Process- vs. outcome-oriented. Look to the present situation to become a faster runner in the long run (and avoid being outcome-oriented).
  • What does it mean when MAF runs are “hard to do” and “uncomfortable”? Answer: Two situations, 1) either over-fatigued/overtrained leading to a depressed HR, or 2) MAF gets so efficient that the pace is too fast. How to know….
  • What is the difference between SweetBeat and SweetBeat Life?
  • How to balance overreaching with recovery by listening to your body. Michelle asks, “During IM training build weeks when you are training ‘tired’ to mimic race day, not completely recovering each day, and have a lower HRV (Not super low, avg low) through out the week. How should that be approached?”
  • Is it possible to race at high intensity on a low carb/high fat diet? And when to add in carbs for best results.

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