ATC Best of 2014: Lucho’s Guide To Heart Rate Training, Improve VO2max in 7 Sessions, Causes and Remedies for Groin Pain, Common First-Timer Ironman Mistakes, Mighty Mitochondria, and More

November 21, 2014

EndurancePlanet-BestOfIn this “Best of 2014” episode of Ask the Coaches, Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on:

  • Racing an Xterra, 70.3, and Ironman in one season: When to ride the MTB vs. road/tri bike? Is a 3hr ride a 3hr ride regardless of the bike?
  • Three-year plan to try and qualify for Kona in the 40-44 age group for a reasonably well rounded athlete, advice!
  • Groin pain after intense runs – what’s the cause, is it muscle imbalance, weakness, etc, and how to fix?
  • “The Lucho Guide to Heart Rate Training” – breakdown of his “zones” using MAF and Threshold; i.e. Base = Threshold minus 20 beats, Temp = Threshold minus 10, etc.
  • The difference in beats between MAF and Threshold and what that says about your fitness
  • The importance of maintaining your high end and how fast you can increase VO2max
  • How much does body type affect endurance training
  • Slow-twitch vs. fast-twitch muscle fiber types, and importance for endurance athletes
  • What are the biggest mistakes you’ve seen someone make (or you yourselves have made) while competing in their first ironman?
  • Difference between a speed versus a power workout in running?
  • Best exercise to work on bike strength when all you have is an island bike on an island
  • Exercises to build upper body strength for an athlete with limited range of motion in right elbow.
  • how do you take a marathon program and adapt it for 100-mile training?
  • Mitochondria: how can you either increase the number/density or function through diet or exercise, and are efforts longer than 60min effective in their development?

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