ATC: Build Your Best Bike Setup, Reverse Triathlons, Side Stitch Remedies, Fasted Running, Research on CrossFit Injury Rates, Exercises for Imbalances and More

December 6, 2013
On this show we answer your questions on:
-prioritizing advantages for the bike: wheels, frame weight, bike type, aero helmet, etc
-our top picks for bucket list races
-thoughts on reverse triathlons
-mimicking the pre-race sedentary corral scenario in training by not warming up – smart or dumb
-help for side stitches
-cardiac drift and MAF
-plateauing with MAF and getting bored – what to do
-base training plan for now when you don’t have an official race plan for next year yet
-fasted running and how often, when, etc
-new research showing injury rate/injury types in CrossFit
-frequency of strength training while in base phase
-dealing with PF and Achilles issues
-executing sounds training for 70.3 and Ironman racing
-MAF HR for bike vs. run
-HR/pacing issues for longer run races
-tests/exercises for muscle imbalances
-training for marathon, 70.3s and Ironmans all in one season
-finding the patience to give MAF a shot
-and more!
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