ATC: Bust Through Burnout, Zen Approach to Defining ‘Ultra’, When to Add Intensity, and More

March 20, 2015
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  • Burnout before Boston Marathon
  • What actions would you suggest to get me through & past burnout – both physical and mental/emotional – so I can do the best I can on race day and hopefully enjoy it?
  • How do I choose a target goal pace (even if it’s overall average with allowances for up/down fluctuation) so I can use it in my last long runs?
  • Thoughts on Ryan Hall and his DNF in the LA Marathon. Was it heat, pace, training, etc?
  • Recent article on Ryan mentioned in the show
  • How often do does an experienced MAF-follower adjust the HR for age? Every year that you get older, do you lose a beat?
  • Training for a hilly 53k race in a flat environment
  • How does Lucho define an “Ultra” (and is 50k too short now to be a true ultra, listen to hear our take)
  • Adding intensity starting 18 weeks out as a rule of thumb
  • Is it ok to combine skiing and strength-training activities above MAF effort, with MAF-based run training?
  • How close to an ultra should you continue strength training/gym work? When and how to taper into maintenance; when to shut it down.
  • As one tries to improve their form by recruiting the appropriate muscles which should make one more economically efficient will the use of these “new muscles” temporarily increase your heart rate as they adjust?
  • More on learning to activate new muscles correctly and put it into practice in your sport.

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