ATC: Compression Sleeves or Socks, Master the Final Miles in a Marathon, Best Squats for Cyclists, Ideal Timing Between Long Runs, Practical Use of HRV, Bulletproof Coffee, and More

August 29, 2013

How to train effectively for speedgolf, with limited time before a race is it best to stick to MAF/aerobic training or do higher intensity training or both, compression sleeves or socks for long races, what’s best for cycling/endurance athletes: front squat v. back squat and other effective strength exercises, clinchers or tubulars, the best ways to incorporate heart rate variability into training, best tempo progression run set workout to develop strength/stamina for the last 6 miles in the marathon, Crossfit for Ironman training, long training runs- how often, is there any down side to just running hard/easy/hard/easy alternating days, how to use HR data from your last race, thoughts on Bulletproof Coffee, how to get rid of IT band syndrome asap, MAF runs vs. easy runs, MAF tests in other sports than your primary sport, and more.

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