ATC: Determine Your Weakest Area and Fix It, Top Tips for Boston, Effectively Structure Your Tri Training Week, and More

April 4, 2013

How to determine your weakest area (aerobic fitness, speed, strength, etc) and address that in the next training block, is it possible train to go from a 1:32 to 1:15 half mary or do genetics take over, how Tawnee avoided cramping the feet/calves during Oceanside 70.3, structuring a basic training week for Olympic-distance triathlon racing, to race hard or go conservatively in a 70.3 that’s prior to the Ironman A race, top tips for the Boston Marathon, how to improve glute, quad and hamstring strength for mountain marathons, hill repeats or speed work, should you always go hard at least 1x a week, when is enough enough when it comes to massive hill repeat workouts for an ultra, and more.

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