ATC: Determining Race Pace, Top Swim Drills, Training on Road vs. Tri Bike, Apply MAF and Daniels’ Plans to Cycling, Cadence on the Bike, and More

April 25, 2014

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on:
-How do you go about determining “race pace.” Specifically for a marathon and a BQ, but also for triathlon and in general.

-When trying to stay around goal watts on bike, what’s your opinion on what to do when you get in a pack legally and power drops along with heart rate drops but speed is the same? Do you go around and keep power up or sit in and get some recovery?

-How do you know if you held back too much in a triathlon and could have gone harder?

-Tips to get a faster swim when endurance is there but not speed. Drills, sets, etc.

-Is there a point in trying to set up the road bike for triathlons with aero bars (and if so how), or just keep the road setup?

-Training on your road bike vs. tri bike, and how that can affect triathlon racing.

-High cadence or low cadence on the bike. What is best for an Olympic triathlon, etc?

-How you can apply MAF principles to bike training especially hen there are hills and decents that affect HR

-How to use Jack Daniels 5-10km training plan for bike training

-Didn’t make BQ — should you jump into another marathon a couple weeks later to try again?

-and more!

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  • albertstacy6720 says:

    Nice sharing i think its help a lot if you are a biker or looking for some adventures because everyone want to know the answers of these questions.

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