ATC: Eating Habits Under Scrutiny, Benefits of Hamstring Strengthening, Heart Rate or Not for Ultras, and More

May 8, 2015
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Lucho and Tawnee discuss topics and answer questions on:Guide_to_Healthy_Eating_2013

  • Tawnee’s experience crewing at Badwater Salton Sea Ultra (81 miles) and how EPIC it was! The full story and details on an exclusive podcast coming soon.
  • Eating habits: Lucho is shifting to eating more food, to experiment and build muscle but is it working? On the flip side, Tawnee is eating a bit less by eating when hungry and eating intuitively and not just eating to eat; how’s it working out?
  • Coming off a marathon and now wanting to use MAF for my next 100 miler in 11-12 weeks; is that enough time to see any adaptations for the ultra?
  • Heat acclimatization. Protocols, and should workouts with heat exposure be at ‘easy’ intensity, ‘HIM race effort’ or above threshold? What should you do outside of just training for heat adaptations? How long does it take.
  • Hamstring strength for running: How and why the hamstrings are your true powerhouse for running. Hamstrings vs. quads. Developing dynamic strength for running and more.
  • To run by heart rate or not for ultra training? Arguments for and against.
  • Semi-fat adapted athletes doing ultras: is it a good idea to still eat calories early on to put caloric money in the bank for later? n forcing nutrition early when not hungry or tired?

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