ATC Flash: Goodbye Gym, The Comedy Cure, Redemption at LT100

August 22, 2014

ep-stopwatchWe know not everyone has an hour-plus to listen to podcasts every week, so Lucho and Tawnee have decided to throw in some short and sweet shows covering just 1-2 topics. Don’t worry, we’ll still have our regular ATC with answers to all your training and racing questions, but “ATC Flash” is for those days where you don’t have much time and still want some useful information entertainment.

We’ll address topics that are aimed at helping you “be better” — topics can apply to sport/fitness/training, lifestyle, decreasing stress, better time management, etc. We’ll also cover interesting articles, studies and news, and we want suggestions from YOU for show topics as well!

Lastly, we’ll be giving fan shoutouts to those folks who’ve put the podcast to use in their own lives for success in training and/or racing!

On this inaugural show we discuss:
-Getting rid of your gym membership to save time and money, and weight training at home for cheap, using Lucho’s protocol as an example!
-Stand-up comedy: How it can help us unwind, de-stress, get some laughs, and make us better people
-How EP fan Phil DNF’s at LT100 last year, and per our advice made a comeback this year to finish his 100-mile run!

Want to chime in? Send us an email to for your show topic suggestions or to tell us how the podcast has helped you!

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  • Peter Andersson says:

    What were the Stand-Up comedians names? As a European they’re not familiar to me. Shownotes would be helpful here to. 🙂

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