ATC: Hill Workouts for Ultras, Last-Minute Ironman Training Plan, Scheduling 2015 Triathlons, Higher HR in Racing Than Training, and More

October 24, 2014

We are back with Ask the Coaches and Lucho! On this show get Lucho’s analysis of Kona and answers to your questions on:

  • Legs cramping and pains leading to a DNF in an ultra (Vermont 50) – figuring out what went wrong to be stronger next time,
  • Our top hill training workouts for ultras and other run events,
  • 2015 planning: Looking to put three 70.3’s on the schedule and wondering how best to space them out,
  • Doing IMAZ but training not up to par – how to cram in the last 3-4 weeks before an Ironman to still get through the day,
  • Preparing for a hot marathon to acclimatize prior,
  • HR in training vs. racing – higher in race but same effort, why?
  • Unexpected surgery that could affect training for IM next year – bail on race?
  • and more!

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