ATC: How Low Can You Squat Well (And Does It Matter), Concurrent Obstacle Race and 70.3 Training, Sub-3 Marathon at Age 60, and More!

December 19, 2014
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Our last new ATC for 2014, and it’s a fun one! Jam-packed with lots of info and goodies including:

  • Insight into Lucho and Tawnee’s world of email and how they keep it under control,
  • Concurrent cycling and run training. Specifically a mountain biker who signed up for a marathon and is looking to incorporate the bike into the marathon plan. Ideas on maximizing run fitness without losing MTB fitness,
  • Squats: do we need to be going thighs to parallel and/or butt to heels? Or are quarter/half squats enough? What is correct/adequate ROM for squats and other body exercises, and how do we assess if we’re doing it right?
  • ROM norms for other movements and exercises,
  • How heavy does a runner/triathlete need to go with strength training? I know you had said that there is a point of diminishing returns but how heavy is enough?
  • Is it worthwhile to put a wood wedge under the back of a treadmill to create a descent to help train for downhill running (in particular looking for downhill-specific training for Boston). If so, best tips on implementing this!
  • Tips on a teenager training for his high school mountain bike team and looking to be a a top contender, plus more on youth and teens training for endurance sports and how to avoid burnout, doing too much, etc.
  • Aiming for a sub-3 marathon at age 60. Guidance needed for this incredible feat!
  • Why would HR be depressed late into an ultra? Too much fatigue going in? Nutrition issue? Help!
  • Training for both a 10+ mile obstacle race and a 70.3 that are a couple weekends apart — how to best train in order to be fit, ready and competitive in both?
  • and more!

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