ATC: How To Analyze FTP Test Results, Running Frequency vs. Duration, Building a Stronger Swim Kick, Buying a MTB, and More

December 5, 2014
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Lucho is back with Tawnee to chew the post-holiday fat and answer your questions… including:

  • FTP test issues:
    — Protocol used – 10 min warm up, 3×1 min high cadence, 5 min recovery, 5 min all out, 5 min recovery, and then the 20 min test.
    — Results – Avg Power 301, Avg HR 144, Avg Cadence 91. FTP is 285. But given a MAF HR of 140 what does my avg HR in the test of 144 say? Taking MAF out of the equation what does the test say about HR and Power zones?
  • Training with a spouse who’s at a different level of fitness — i.e. Cat 1 MTB’er needing to fit in harder solo efforts, while also train easier with his Cat 3 MTB’er wife.
  • Buying a MTB and options to consider
  • Kicking problems for a triathlete who’s a decent swimmer but self-taught and no background in swimming. Is poor kicking a problem that needs looking at, or is a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of situation? Should I hire someone to look at my technique? Shoot a video? What drills (besides a kick board) would you guys suggest to fix this problem?
  • Altitude simulation training tools – chambers and masks – are they worth the money and/or effort for the potential benefits they offer? Or not worth it? Plus: should you use devices even if not training for a race at altitude? And insight on training for races at altitude for sea level/low-altitude-living athletes.
  • For runners – would you get more benefit spreading run mileage out over 4 runs per week or 6 runs per week (either way a long run of the same distance once a week). So which offers more aerobic benefit – less frequent longer runs or more frequent shorter runs?

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  • Just caught up over the holidays on ATC. Thanks for answering my attitude chamber question. Tell Lucho i will take his advice and move a cot and my desk into the chamber 3 weeks before the race. 😉 j/k

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