ATC: Ironman Run Workouts, Watts for Half-Ironmans vs. Aquabikes, Yay or Nay to Running Streaks, Avoiding Injury Risk in Ultrarunning Training, Liquid Nutrition, and More

August 8, 2014
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On this show, Lucho and Tawnee discuss the following based on your questions:
-Tips to train (bike) in Arizona heat and not melt
-Using Maffetone’s 180 Formula for master’s athletes. More info at:
-Should you do speedwork for Ironman training (and if so, appropriate workouts)
-Effective run works for final phase of Ironman training
-Liquid nutrition: what’s effective and healthy? natural homemade concoctions, UCan, coconut water, for those who are fat adapted?
-Percent of FTP for half-ironmans – what’s the best intensity and why it depends
-Aquabike half races: what percent of FTP to ride at with no run off the bike?
-How does your bike split time (or predicted bike split) play a role in the watts you should hold on the bike, your percentage of FTP,
-Running streaks: yay or nay?
-How to hit 1,000 watts on the bike – Lucho style
-7 exercises to avoid in the gym (via Huffington Post)
-How to get in shape for a 400k ultra
-Ironman training with limited bike experience
-Training techniques for 100k – using concepts of MAF and Canova for most bang for your buck
-Avoiding risk in ultra racing: longtime ultra-runner coming off foot injury and now leading into another 12-hour run race; how much running is needed in final few weeks and should you shut it down to be conservative for a better race day?
-Avoiding stomach slosh in an ironman in the heat; role of intensity in training and racing
-Calories per hour on the bike in an Ironman,
-The magic of coke while racing
-and more!
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Comments (2)

  • Bob says:

    HaHa LMAO listing Lucho talk about kids and eating.. He is spot on, that is exactly what happens around my house especially about eating the mac and cheese over the sink..


  • Christopher Provost says:

    Hi Tawnee and Lucho,

    This is the Chris who asked the running streak question. Thanks for your answer, I appreciate it.

    In answer to your question about why I started doing it in the first place, it was motivation – just to keep me out there and working, doing at least something every day. I mainly use the 1 milers as active recovery. I’m not expecting any fitness gains from these runs. In addition to the running, I do strength training twice a week, yoga once a week, and try to fit Spartan WODs in when I can. I’m currently healthy and no, I don’t feel any pain or injuries when I run even now after 81 days into it. In fact, I generally feel better the day after my short, slow 1 mile runs.

    It seems to be working for me, but is there anything else you would recommend in place of this for active recovery and/or personal motivation? Thanks again. Love the podcast!

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