ATC: Is MAF Training Only at MAF HR? Identifying ‘Niggle’ vs Injury, Plus: Farmer Carry FTW!

June 5, 2015
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farmercarryIn today’s Ask The Coaches, Lucho analyzes Tawnee’s marathon, and more chat on running, setting goals, training for a successful race execution, elite runners, and everything related. Including overdue listener questions… such as:

-Carrol: I’m the guy you met at M2B packet pick up. Congrats on hitting your BQ time, I hit mine also. Anyway, my race was very similar to yours. I felt great until mile 22, then I struggled to maintain my pace. I wasn’t bonking, but my legs were dead. You touched on this with Brock, but can you address this further in one of your future episodes. I would like to know how better to prepare for this, and what exactly is happening to my muscles.

-MAF: It’s not a one-size-fits-all plan. When should it just be MAF HR vs. when can you add in more speedwork/intensity? Can you still get the benefits of running at MAF for 90-95% of my mileage with one short speed/tempo workout thrown in the mix?

-Lucho’s definition of tempo- Z3 or 5-10 beats over MAF

-When is a wiggle* not a wiggle (sic)? When training (swimming, running, cycling) and pains/aches flare up, its a question of “do I keep going, or shut it down?” This may be a classic “it depends” question, as I imagine there a are other things that should be considered, such as training history, intensity of pain, etc. But if you guys have any advice on how to assess these situations that would be great. Thanks!
*wiggle = niggle

Info on Perfect Amino, the new MAP; hear Dr. Minkoff’s recommendations (as read by Tawnee) on dosing, when to take it, and more:
-pre workout, during and/or after?
-with food or no food?
-how many at a time?
-max tablets per day?

-Triathlon bike leg question: How to use FTP watts from a trainer test to gauge how hard/easy to go on the bike when you don’t have a power meter on your real bike, and how to correlate FTP to HR for your race plan.

-Running with a weighted vest

-Farmer carries and the farmer carry record is…what?!

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  • Peter Andersson says:

    I remember from an old RW a short notice about a treadmill study in Finland where, in 29 outta 30 participants, the line between aerobic and anaerobic turned out to correspond with the point where they started to notice their own somewhat hightened breathing. As an alternative or complement to MAF this makes perfect sense. Tim Noakes has already proven that thirst is the best indicator for need of fluids. I’d say self-noticable breathing similarly is the best indicator for crossing over into anaerobic. Also, there is of course the old runner’s adage that you should run slow enough to be able to talk to a person running next to you, just another version of the same I think.

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