ATC: Law of Diminishing Returns For Long Workouts, Should You Use Heart Rate in a Half-Ironman, Build a Stronger Ironman Run, Reverse Triathlon Strategy, Weighted Vests and More

April 4, 2014
Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Coaches to chat and answer your questions:

-Recap, stories and shoutouts from Oceanside 70.3 and Carlsbad 5000

-Back to back 70.3 racing with hopes of World Champ qualification – stragegizing
-How much volume is OK without it negatively affecting key/more intense workouts
-Massage in between back to back races?
-The law of diminishing returns regarding endurance training/long runs or rides
-How to get stronger on the run leg of an Ironman
-How to train for two Ironmans that are 7 weeks apart and setting goals for each
-Reverse sprint triathlon strategy
-Doing a long ride after a B-priority sprint triathlon – yay or nay?
-In a 70.3: should you use heart rate, if so what ranges should you focus on?
-Using a weighted vest during training vs. racing (running)

-Getting back into XTERRA triathlons after a torn hip

-Beer talk

-and more!

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