ATC: Lifestyle Tips To Build a Strong Body, MAF Testing on the Bike, Video Swim Analysis, Tight Achilles and The Kinetic Chain, and More

November 28, 2014

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On this episode Lucho and Tawnee dive into a bunch of topics including:

  • A swim analysis! Grab the video, and follow along as we analyze this swimmer’s form!
  • Ironman athlete getting surgery to repair the meniscus. What should be done after surgery for recovery and rebuilding strength, including lifestyle changes from sitting down too much at work and commuting.
  • Reference to Kelly Starrett’s new book, Ready To Run
  • Is there a translation between the Maffetone approach and the HR zones by Coggan?
  • Using MAF when you have a really low HR and an especially low max HR — is MAF the right approach or not, and why?
  • Lucho and Tawnee discuss their MAF tests on the bike and how to train at MAF on the bike effectively.
  • Are 45-60 minute MAF rides worthwhile?
  • Is it detrimental to MAF aerobic training for triathlon/running if resistance training such as back squats pull me up out of MAF twice a week, every week?
  • Achilles always gets to tight when climbing/hill repeats – what’s going on and how to fix?
  • Describing an aerobic-like zone by effort using Borg’s scale. Or, how is MAF best described?

One Comment

  • Brian says:

    I have been using a standing desk for a few months now. The progression was slow. But I used a basic DIY with Ikea furniture for $25.… I stand all day now, at least 8 hours, in addition to training at 2-3 hours a day. I made this transition when I tweaked my back and had sciatica. Both are healthy now, but it’s also a combination of steady yoga practice as well as standing at work. My recommendation to anyone thinking about it, is to use this solution above, and each day, use it more and more. I would go about 1-2 hours per day for 1 week. Then the next week 2-3 hours, etc… Finally it’s all I use.

    It’s important though to keep your posture strong and straight, and not fall into your body, which could actually create more issues for you.

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