ATC: Lucho on Leadman 2015, Maximize Short- and Long-Course Triathlon Performance This Season, Mastering The Swim Kick, Nutrition for Ironman, Changing Running Shoes, and More

March 7, 2014
Lucho and Tawnee present this episode of Ask The Coaches, featuring an intro talk about Lucho’s plan to return to racing! Specifically his goals for Leadman 2015, how he’ll manage it in his life and family, and more.
Answers to your questions on:
-Advice on how to approach training for optimal performance in short-course and long-course triathlons
-Tawnee’s Ironman nutrition plan tips for women
-How to avoid a bonk in your next Ironman
-Pros and cons of the two beat kick versus the six beat flutter primarily during half ironman to ironman distance.
-Adjusting to a neutral shoe coming from a stability shoe, and more on shoes
-Injury behind the knee/upper calf
-Training and racing with a torn meniscus: Is it possible?
-Tips for a marathon that has a long downhill start – wanting to save the quads and not get too sore
-Doing back to back run races one month after a marathon
-Using a treadmill that has decline and mega incline features in training for an ultra
-and more!
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