ATC: Lucho’s KOM, Stand or Sit on Hills, Best Fitness Classes in the Offseason, Beer Choices, IMAZ and More

November 7, 2014

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Today, Lucho and Tawnee answer your awesome questions on:

  • Did Lucho get his KOM?
  • Achilles pain with no injury history – should I continue to run if I am experiencing pain? Goal is to run in a 10k and a half marathon.
  • The best way to ride up hills., i.e., sitting, standing, a mixture? Do you have different recommendations for steeper or longer hills? (“I am signed up for Oceanside 70.3 and IM Wisconsin for next year.”)
  • Can you use the Compex too much?
  • Post-Kona questions:
    (1) There’s been a lot of commentary about how diligent both Rinnie and Sebastian Kienle were in getting nutrition and hydration in during the marathon. What surprised me is that both of them took some in at the last aid station, which I think was only a mile from the finish line. I would think at this point, unless you are in Julie Moss territory, you would just go, particularly if you have any concern that a competitor is still coming up from behind.
    (2) During the early part of the bike leg, one of the commentators noted that several pro women were riding (mashing) at a low cadence in the mid-70’s to keep their heart rate down. But wouldn’t this aerobic “savings” be offset by extra muscle fatigue?
    What are the lessons here for age groupers?
  • Beer choices. “I’m doing IMAZ this year. My FTP is 325, and my peak weeks of training have been 60mpw on the run and about 25k of swimming. This will be my 8th IM, but I’ve never raced a fast course like this so pacing well will be key. My question is for Lucho: the night before the race should I go with a Big Daddy IPA (which is local to me) or go with Arizona Wilderness “the refuge” IPA which is local to Arizona. Please help me make a wise choice.”
  • Best types of strength training/fitness classes for triathletes in the offseason. “I’m a long-course triathlete, somewhat injury prone, with a fairly strong lower body and core but weak upper body, looking for a good off-season strength training regime. I’m reading Matt Dixon’s The Well Built Triathlete, and I know he poo-poos group training classes (pilates, yoga, TRX, boot camp, etc.) as not being the best and most efficient strength training for triathletes, but I think I would be more motivated to go to a group class rather than do my own lifting regime. Of the classes that are fairly standard gym offerings, which ones would you recommend for off-season? Once I start training for the 2015 season, I’ll probably switch to Matt’s recommended protocol for the sake of efficiency. Thank you!”

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  • Madone52 says:

    I changed my opinion on Compact Chain Rings after doing some of Levi’s fave hills around Santa Rosa (with Robbie Ventura’s Vision Quest Team). Picked up an 11/28 Cassette to help, but not enough. The next year, facing the Horribly Hilly Hundreds 200K course (by far, toughest ride I have ever done), I added 50/34, and, at last min, decided to use 11/28 as well. So glad! There were still times I was standing in 34/28, and it was just barely enough. I now leave Compact on year round, as with the 11 in back, my high gear is still decent.

    Re: Standing on hills….Heartily endorse working more standing into training. If movement becomes more natural (360 smooth pedal stroke), and you can stand with 70-80 cadence, you can use standing to shift muscle groups without burning matches. This seems to give my seated climbing muscles a break, and is a true net gain. Bonus – Even a few sec standing, every 20-30 min on a long ride, will make a big difference on seat comfort.

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