ATC: Master Single-Leg Drill on the Bike, Quality Strength in Less than 20min, Which is Better – Fartlek vs. Intervals, Fueling for Multi-Day Races, and More

January 17, 2014

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on:

-Single-leg drill on the bike – whether do in aero or sitting up, and more on how to perfect this drill and your cycling pedal stroke
-Will 70.3 training hinder performance in an upcoming ultra
-Why eccentric contractions on downhill running kill your quads and how to mitigate the effects
-Is 15-20min enough time to get in a quality strength session
-Going longer on runs than the plan says, is that ok?
-Fartlek vs. Interval runs – what’s the difference, is one better than the other?
-How often are brick runs necessary and for how long when Ironman training
-Coming back after recovering from overtraining and how to avoid a setback and still train to race
-The new issue of Mud & Obstacle Magazine and why it’s relevant to our show
-Fueling for a multi-day triathlon¬†¬†with Tawnee’s vs. Lucho’s points of views
…and more!
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