ATC 197: Mindless vs. Mindful Running, Ironman Taper, Deep Thoughts on Stress and Overtraining, and More

November 13, 2015

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Lucho’s swimming again? Say what?

What’s “head-banging” have to do with training?

Run analysis for loyal EP fan Van Dieu!
– Overcoming being a “plodder”
– Now activating the pelvis/hips, stabilizing core and upper body, driving forward using hamstrings/glutes
– Problem: ‘new’ run style feels grossly exaggerated, much higher heart rate and foreign
– Question: Run slower to stay at MAF or allow for higher HR to adopt new form??
watch the video of old vs new form.

Examples of an Ironman tapering schedule:

4th to 5th week out, cut run mileage first
3rd week out, cut the bike, cut run more
2nd week out, cut the swim, cut bike/run more
Race week: low volume, bouts of intensity & rest!
-strength maintenance (no weights)
-cut the fat, cut the volume
-add intensity
-week before about 90min bike, 10ish mile run
-and IT DEPENDS!!!

OR: Lucho’s 5-week reverse taper:
5th week: severe drop, cut back to 30-40% of peak volume.
4th week: will likely feel crappy, build back to 50% ish of peak volume
3rd week: ~50-60% of peak volume.
2nd week: cut back down to ~40%-50% unless you’re not feeling good. Then possibly drop down to 30%-40%.
Race week: scale enough to be ready for the race. Run every other day only.

More on adding intensity (i.e. threshold intervals) during Ironman taper

Mental stress vs. physical stress. Is there any way of differentiating between low HRV scores caused by mental stress and those caused by training?

Tawnee’s mention of her recent open and honest blog post.

– Thoughts on this article on Ryan Hall’s recent struggles & his mention of low T
– More importantly, why we should leave Ryan Hall and his racing alone…
– More on overtraining and athletes who come on strong but then aren’t able to keep up with top results
– OTS in ultrarunners reported in Outside Online
– Can you get away with big volume if it’s mostly MAF/zone 2, and mix in just a little intensity? Or can even that be too much?

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