ATC: Offseason Planning, Kids and Endurance Sports, Ultra Tapers, When to MAF Test, and More

October 31, 2014
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We are back with super dad himself, Lucho! Today we dig into a bunch of your listener questions and dive deep into the philosophy of endurance athlete parenting (the debate on whether you can do both and be your best at both simultaneously) – and so much more:

  • How long to rest after a mega endurance race – and what does “rest” actually mean,
  • Planning offseason training coming off an Ironman/race with more Ironman/long races next year,
  • How to structure a typical week in offseason mode to do enough but not too much? Working on weaknesses, etc,
  • How to structure a taper for an ultra,
  • Jumping into marathon training fresh off a half-ironman – how to proceed safely with a good running plan, and goal setting for the marathon,
  • MAF tests: controlling the variables, timing the test in the schedule, and how rested should you be before for most accurate results,
  • Shoutout to Brett of the Zen Triathlon podcast; and check out his upcoming Ironbaby.

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