ATC: Our First-Ever Podcast Run Analysis, Balancing Your Strength and Running Training, Kona Lottery, and Weird Stuff Scene on Road

May 9, 2014
One of our most unique, informative and funniest episodes of Ask the Coaches to date with Lucho and Tawnee! We begin the show with our first-ever run analysis, as Tawnee and Lucho critique the run from this video submitted by Nathan. Listen to what the coaches have to say, and watch the video below to see for yourself:
From there, answers to your questions on:
-New to triathlon and got a lottery slot into Kona — now what?! Training advice for the year ahead.
-Mitigate effects of jet-leg when traveling for races
-How much and what kind of strength training to implement when training for half and full marathons?
-Coming off Ironman and shifting focus to improving 5k time. How long does IM endurance stick around, do you still need MAF/Z2, and how to build a new plan for speed?
-Fitting in a 70.3 and marathon in the same month — how to structure a training plan for success and recovery advice
-What weird things have the coaches seen while out training on the road?
-Is the recent beer mile record legit?

-And more!

Click here to download audio.

One Comment

  • Richard says:

    that beer mile is not legit. have you ever seen anyone rip a can off a table and open it with no foam spewing out?

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