ATC: Pacing Tips for Team Relay Runs, Swim Training Without a Pool, Setting a Plan for Late-Season Races Now and More

March 7, 2013

How to know if you’re swimming aerobic swim sets correctly (not too hard, not too easy), goals for a triathlete~4 weeks out from their first 70.3 and should you attempt the entire distance ~two weeks prior to the race, commentary on the state rep who wanted to impose a tax on cyclists for exhaling CO2, best advice for competing in Leadwoman, how would you strategize IM bike training without affecting a pre-IM marathon, pacing and nutrition strategies for a participant in a 200-mile team relay run, how to get in swim-specific training without a pool when you’re traveling, dealing with soft tissue and bone injuries in the legs with the goal of getting healthy to run well again, go for traditional base then build or a reverse periodization training plan, and more.

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