ATC: Picking A Power Meter, Year-Round Running Strides, OWS Pacing, and Lucho Wisdom

August 7, 2015
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ATC190.fwThis week Tawnee and Lucho cover a ton of topics including power meters, running strides, open water swimming… and:

Why did Tawnee stop drinking kombucha? Could kombucha be both good and bad? How do you know if it’s good or bad for YOU?

Should we use Kettlebells to increase aerobic capacity or should we stick to sport-specific training to do the job? This is a follow-up discussion on a recent ATC where we talked about a new study showing how KBs increase aerobic capacity (VO2max).

Investing in a power meter – how to choose based on price, types of power meter, what you’re getting with each kind of power meter, the veteran products vs. newer products, are the cheaper ones going to yield the same quality?

Power meter resources mentioned:
DC Rainmaker’s Power Pricing Wars
Slowtwitch’s Power 101
iBike review

Do hill repeats, fartleks, intervals, tempo, etc (aka more intensity) fit into a MAF program? Or do you have to give those up? How and when to know when to do them. Plus how to keep training “fun.”

Defining “drills.”

Why strides are good to do year-round.

How to measure consistent HRV when you have a rotating work schedule.

Why Lucho needs to try HRV.

How do you pace during an open water swim? And more Open Water Swim tips for training and racing.

How to taper for a hilly ultras that are 50+ miles. Key: minimize stress, not just training stress but ALL stress!

…and we end this show with more Lucho Wisdom: 1) How Lucho knows how to rest and recover now that he’s “exercising” again. And 2) how he guides athletes to learn to listen to their bodies vis his coaching techniques.

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  • chris says:

    YES! I will try the early morning sipper and let you know.

  • Lance says:

    To use Sweetbeat, you just need an iOS device, not necessarily an iPhone. I use it on my iPod Touch or iPad. I use my regular Polar chest strap and a 60Beat dongle to plug into the device.

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