ATC: Ramping Up After Runner’s Knee, Art of Peaking, Racing a 70.3 in Prep for 140.6, Last-Minute 10k Training Plan, and More

May 17, 2013

The best approach to building up run miles after suffering from runner’s knee, foot positioning on bike cleats and how much/how little it really matters, finding the HR zone that works for you- Coggan/Friel/MAF, trying to peak twice 7 weeks apart, how a recreational trail runner should tackle a mountain marathon, longest s/b/r and whn for IM training, using a 70.3 as trianing for IM, specific workouts for Mt. Evans ascent, last minute 10k training, formulating the ideal marathon peak training week, how close to my marathon pace can you get MAF pace, effect of age on training and racing, transitioning from ultras to ironmans, and more.

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