ATC: Reaching Race Weight Safely, Is Your Hard Group Session Killing MAF Training, Weights Before or After Running, Ironman at Altitude, Key Short-Course Tri Run Workouts, and More

July 20, 2013
Lucho joins to answer your questions on what does race day insurance actually do for you, swimming into a strong current, sticking to Z2 per the coach’s request, does a weekly hard group ride kill MAF training, training for an Ironman at altitude, does lung training help for high altitude racing, what to do about high stress and and missing training on busy weeks,  when’s the best time to get to race weight and how much weight is safe to drop on key weeks, run intervals and key run workouts for shour course triathlon, strengthening glute med, getting permission to race during a family vacation, thoughts on “Run Less Run Faster” book, cramping issues at a hot half-marathon – what happened, weights before or after running, conserving MAP intake, V8 juice, adding 5 beats back to MAF after recovering from illness/injury, 7 weeks to recover from a marathon before a 70.3 – enough?, training in the heat and when is the treadmill a better call, and more.
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  • Rich says:

    In the question about doing a Sprint Tri during vacation: was catching up while returning from vacation. I did do a sprint tri, but did it as a relay with my 14 y/o son. Took the competitiveness out of my mind and did it for fun… The whole family (11 of us) were there cheering my son and I on. Was fun and went to breakfast afterwards!

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