ATC: Rep Count Debate, Lactate Myths, Winter Insomnia Cures, Pelvis Alignment and Roomy Shoes for Healthy Feet, Rant on Technology, and More

February 6, 2015
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coriTawnee and Lucho are back again this week to chat, debate and answer your questions… including:

  • Tawnee vs. Lucho at Ragnar, who will run faster? (plus Tawnee’s recent MAF test
  • Building strength for endurance sport and the issue of set x rep counts. Are up to 30-40 reps beneficial, or stick to lower reps for strength/power, moderate reps for muscular endurance. Arguments in favor for both, and how to decide.
  • Plus, why you should master the exercise movement and technique before adding weights and higher reps!
  • The myth that lactate/lactic acid causes burning sensation, and lactate’s real role. So, what causes the burn then?
  • Training for MTB races that include LT intensities and lots of muscle tension on technical descents.
  • Why you should add wall sits to your trainer workout.
  • Cures and ideas to fix winter insomnia.
  • Runner with pain on the top of the left foot, advice on what could be contributing to this? (Pain is located at the distal end of the metatarsals lining up with the second and third toes.)
  • Adding a neutral shoe to help, such as Skora.
  • Katy Bowman article referenced by Tawnee.
  • VDOT pacing. Using Jack Daniels marathon schedule and a recent half-marathon as “pace-setter”, how am I supposed to know if I should do my runs on a faster VDOT or not? What are the signs that I could/should increase VDOT/pace and by how much? What are the signs that I could look for that say that I am fooling myself?
  • Rant on being overly connected and obsessed with phones and devices, and learning to let go and live life.

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