ATC: Reverse vs. Traditional Periodization, Tackling the Offseason, Structure Your Non-Training Hours, Nail a Faster Run in Long-Course Triathlon and More

October 24, 2013

We’re back! Loaded episode with answers to your questions on what can you do for exercise/strength with a broken hand/wrist, benefits/negatives of minimalist shoes and when to wear them, problem with MAP, reverse periodization v traditional  periodization and when it’s appropriate to use one vs. the other (hint: race distance/intensity matters!), build up cold-weather resistance and hypothermia in an ultra, training for a fell race and 50-mile ultra that’s not for 20+ weeks from now, when you have a light schedule and can live like a pro then what do you do while not actually running/training, Tawnee’s offseaon focus and goals, bike training for Olys,  the Hanson marathon method and the concept of cumulative fatigue, what to do in your offseason, thoughts on Ben’s Ironman retirement and is Ironman “healthy” ever regardless of training style, an elite athlete trying to get a faster run split in half-ironman and ironman races, what to do in ~3 weeks between a 70.3 and a 140.6, and more.

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