ATC: Rob Krar’s MAF Test, Pacing Ultras for a PR, Eating Before Bed, Pigeon-Toed Running, and More

March 13, 2015
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IMG_0479Lucho and Tawnee team up for a new Ask the Coaches and discuss:

  • Tawnee goes backpacking and off the grid, and Lucho talks camping and archery. (Mention of the book Zen and the Art of Archery). Who are these wilderness lovers?!
  • Ultrarunner Rob Krar did a MAF test, and he shared it with us so we discuss! (Listen at the end of the show for the followup discussion) See Rob’s MAF test on Strava.
  • Comparing Rob’s test with Lucho’s former MAF tests from back in the day
  • Pacing ultras for a speicific PR goal. In this case, the Comrades Ultra Marathon
  • Help fixing pigeon-toed footing while running — what corrective exercises are recommended to achieve better foot alignment.
  • Kelly Starrett mention, and his Mobility Wod exercises to help.
  • Should we eat and/or take certain supplements before bed? When to eat, when not to, in order to achieve the ultimate rest and recovery.
  • High heart rate spikes during running that are not normal, help!
  • Have there been any studies regarding female athletes on low carb diets and the effect it has on their performance in racing/training/life? Not only in comparison to other diets, but also how the response may differ from the response in males? So far most information just involved men! We need to get more legit research on the ladies?!
  • Headache help!! What could be the cause of weird, severe headaches after long workouts?!
  • More on Rob Krar’s MAF Test (with HR data).

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  • J. Berg says:

    Transcription of EP ATC 03/13/2015 from 42:05-43:10

    Tawnee: Well, so, my two cents on this would be: do what you need to do, but not — basically you want to have the most quality sleep above all else, so let’s say, for example, if you’re not eating enough and if you are in the heat of training — which, Lucho, I know you can attest to this — and you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re starving (Lucho: Hahaha! I used to do that all the time!) — yeah, that’s not good because now you’re sacrificing the bigger picture of quality sleep, like you want beautiful, uninterrupted, amazing, like dead asleep kind of sleep every night, so you need to eat, you need to experiment with yourself — and this is definitely going to weigh in on, like, how much you’re training each day — what is going to allow you fall into that deep sleep and not get too hungry and wake up in the middle of the night and needing food or, at the opposite end, don’t gorge yourself with chocolate and wine and, you know, heavy snacks five minutes before you then just crawl into bed and your stomach is gurgling because it’s just in, like, this distress from this crap you just, like, poured in while watching your TV show and, you know, yeah. So… (L: ) Whoa! That was a bit of a tangent rant! (L: That was awesome! I like that!)

  • Van says:

    Nikki Kimball would be a prime example of a high fat female athlete! I think I might have heard Tamsin Lewis say that women tend to be slightly better fat burners than men in general.

  • Annie says:


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