ATC: Run (and Don’t Fall) On Snow & Ice, Time- vs. Distance-Based Training, Marathons for Teens, and Much More!

January 9, 2015

We are back from our holiday break with brand-new ATC with Lucho & Tawnee!


Wanna do a relay race with Endurance Planet?!

We are building a team for the SoCal Ragnar Relay this April, and we’d love to have you join Tawnee, special guests, and our Endurance Planet crew for a 200+ mile adventure from Huntington Beach to San Diego, Calif. Event is April 10-11.

If you want to be a part of this epic adventure with Endurance Planet email us at for details and pricing information.

Space is limited and we need our final roster of parby the end of January so if you want to get in contact us ASAP! It’s sure to be a great event and especially because we have some fun surprises in store for you 🙂

Tawnee on Paleo Runner

Your host, Tawnee, was recently featured in an interview on the Paleo Runner Podcast with Aaron Olson, talking on her efforts to regain health and also on healthy + easy cooking ideas.

ATC Show Notes:

  • TP & Lucho catching up after the holidays and anything new for the new year?
  • Time-based run training program rather than kilometers(miles) .
  • Thoughts about the cooper test vs Joe Friel vs MAF tests for running?
  • How to run safely outside when it’s icy
  • How to train/strategize for a speedy relay race aka Winnipeg’s Great Grain Relay (7-10 X 800m).
  • Marathon training for teens
  • Marathon training for a faster time with limited weekday time, unlimited weekend time, and only using the 3-Zone approach (not 5 or more zones).
  • Why strength training benefits the endurance athlete’s weight-loss goals
  • Long term strategy to build from half marathon to ultras; planning weekly schedules.
  • and more!

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