ATC: Setting A Pacing Strategy, Is HRV Tracking Worthwhile, HR Issues in Cold, and More

January 31, 2013

Lucho joins the show to answer your questions on a good pacing strategy for a marathon or half-marathon (in terms of effort, heart rate), pros and cons of Jack Daniels VDOT running formula for triathletes, bike training for duathlon, heart rate trouble in cold weather, setting bike zones based off run zones/run test data, seeing a slow pace with MAF and what to do, ideas for avocados, what to put in special needs bags, use of energy drinks/bars/chews to prevent bonking and is doing so a crutch, heart rate variability and products that measure your heart rate while you sleep, help setting MAF zones based on traditional MAF formula vs. running data from the field, can incorporating more squats cause run mechanic issues and how to fix, and more.

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