ATC: Should Triathletes Get Out of the Saddle, Are Your Cool Downs Too Easy, Heat and Hydration, and More

May 2, 2013

Is it possible to go too easy on a cool down, what are the advantages of riding in or out-of-the-saddle and is it good or bad for triathletes to get out of the saddle, more on the minimalist training approach vs bigger volume with specific weekly breakdowns and the variables in choosing you best plan, what is enough run training for an Olympic, having a hellish time in the heat and how to deal, lack of base and what to do, how to maintain bike training with a busy travel/work schedule, is there a limit to someone’s running performance where you stop getting better, increasing bike training gradually/safely for rides up to 900k, are you doomed to bonk if you run ~10 seconds faster than your goal race pace, saddle issues (pain, numbness, etc) and what to do, Ironman bike workouts to improve your split, training for speed without losing ultra fitness, logging time on your feet at work for training, ultra followed by Ironman, and more.

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